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While on vacation, Professor Bread received an invitation from Eric Ollier, a talented young baker in the South of France, to visit him at work in the pre-dawn hours as he prepared that day's loaves.


In most bakeries mixing machines knead the dough.

Artisan bakers often use their hands to check the consistency of the dough.

Monsieur Ollier scores (makes slits) in the top of these classic elongated loaves. These slits allow gas to escape as the dough bakes and also contribute to the texture of the crust.
Skillfully using a scissors, baker Ollier shapes loaves in the pattern called épi which refers to the head of grain on a stalk of wheat.

Monsieur Ollier places a tray of loaves into the small oven.

Croissant and brioche dough rests and rises.

Freshly baked, delicious croissants.

Loaves baking....

More delicious loaves...

Professor Bread with a cart of fresh loaves.

© 2003 Gary M. Gomer