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Fostering the Love of Learning and Building Community

Breadmaking Basics:
Discovering the Staff of Life
A Multi-media School Assembly Program

         Beginning with the question, "Where does bread come from?" - this interactive presentation will take students (grades 3 -7) on a journey to the farm, around the world, and back in time.

        Through the use of slides, storytelling and demonstration this program will introduce students to the intertwined history of wheat, bread, and civilization and to the importance, popularity, and variety of bread from around the world.

"You have delivered a truly fascinating presentation. The students learned a great deal and the bonus of tasting bread fresh from the oven was the perfect ending to a delightful program! We look forward to having you back many times."      Dorothy Steinmetz, Principal - School 2, Fort Lee, NJ

Let's Bake Bread, Let's Break Bread Together
An All-Day Classroom Workshop

Over the past seven years this workshop has demonstrated its effectiveness to:

  •  engage students in a multi-faceted learning activity
  • promote teamwork and cooperation
  • develop imagination and thinking skills
  • foster pride in goal achievement
  • contribute to a positive school climate
  • involve parents
  • build community.

         In this workshop for up to 35 students, Dr. Gomer demonstrates how bread - considered "the Staff of Life" in Western civilization - is simple to make and requires only a few basic ingredients.  Getting back to the "basics" of wheat, water, yeast and salt, students will participate in the bread making process from start to finish.

        Students learn that this staple of their diets and of numerous communities throughout the world does not miraculously appear on supermarket shelves but results from human labor; labor that rests upon an accumulation of practical wisdom that has been gathered over millennia from all corners of the planet.  At the end of the day, students (and their families if the school wants to extend an invitation) will break bread together and have the opportunity to experience the dual delights of tasting warm, freshly baked bread and of sharing as a community.

Breadmaking Made Simple
A Workshop for Parents

       A version of the classroom workshop specifically designed to give parents the confidence to bake bread at home.  Participants gain an appreciation for breadmaking as a wonderful family activity.  These workshops have successfully encouraged parents to begin baking bread with their children.
"Skill and learning bring bread and honor."
Danish Proverb

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