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"What can one do to avoid taking bread for granted, to avoid becoming indifferent to its beauty and flavor?  For a start, one should eat only good bread.  It should be tasted as one would taste a fine wine.  Finally one should share it. We have learned to see in bread an instrument of community among men."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery,
Flight to Arras






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Breadmaking Basics
A Practical Introduction to "The Staff of Life"
         In addition to a practical understanding of how to make bread, participants will gain an appreciation of the paradoxical simplicity and complexity of the breadmaking process.  This hands-on workshop provides an opportunity to learn about something that is so central to our lives that it often gets taken for granted.

       The workshop will also explore how breadmaking provides a window onto a fascinating history of hard work and inventiveness in many areas of human endeavor.

"The energy level of the team picked up tremendously as they worked together... Seeing the end result brought a great sense of accomplishment and offered immediate confirmation of what the team could accomplish."
                Change Managment Facilitator - Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Team building: Breadmaking provides a wonderful opportunity for people to work together to make something that is intended to be shared.  Baking and breaking bread together can improve communication, boost morale, and build community.

Stress Reduction: For many people breadmaking provides a connection with something real and essential.  Working with one's hands with basic ingredients to create a nourishing product that can be shared with others can help us become centered, grounded, and relaxed.

Expanding Horizons: In addition to acquiring new skills, participants will become better acquainted with the vast and varied world of bread.  The workshop highlights bread's interesting history as well as the fundamental role of grains and benign microorganisms like yeast in human nutrition.
"He who has good flour makes good bread."
Italian Proverb

The basic workshop can be offered during a lunch hour and the program can be tailored to meet specific workplace needs. For more information , call (201) 792-2994 or contact us by e-mail at


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