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Welcome to my web site!

      "Professor Bread" - educator and clinician, Dr. Gary Gomer - offers a range of breadmaking programs in school and workplace settings that are designed to expand horizons and build community.

  • Breadmaking provides a wonderful opportunity to deepen our understanding of something so important we call it "The Staff of Life," and yet so common it often gets taken for granted.
  • The vast and varied world of bread can serve as a window onto cultural diversity, human history, scientific discovery, and technological innovation.
  • By providing an opportunity to work together and break bread together, breadmaking builds community.

"This was a fabulous experience for my students. Math, history and science were presented in an interesting way that really excited and stimulated my students, even after our bread baking was over."  6th grade Teacher - NYC Public Schools

"Professor Bread provides a unique approach in team development and leadership. His program is appropriate for experienced managers and staff as well as those just entering the workforce."
Director, County Department of Health & Human Services

"Your program has influenced my teaching in more ways than I can count. You have been such an inspiration to me and I know you are continuing to inspire students."
Early Childhood Teacher - NYC Public Schools

Breadmaking and Teambuilding: Facilitating Staff Development

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